MUPPIES FY2014 Annual Report released

The New York Times features Muslims on Wall Street and MUPPIES

Applications for the Muppies Investment Banking Program and Consulting Program are now closed. Applications will be available in Fall 2015

Welcome to the website of Muslim Urban Professionals (“Muppies”). “What’s Muppies?” you ask… Simply put: we’re an organization dedicated to building Muslim professional leaders. Through Muppies, we hope to create a vibrant community that allows for networking, mentorship and career development amongst established and emerging Muslim professional leaders.

Please peruse our website to learn more about our activities and to apply for Muppies membership. Thanks for visiting!

4/26/2015Toronto - 3rd Annual Womens' Leadership Development Forum:  - : 
5/1/2015Muppies Berkshire Hathaway 2015 Annual Meeting:  - : 

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