Muppies is introducing the world’s largest Muslim leadership development conference on September 21, 2019, in Chicago.

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Muppies is pleased to announce Ayisha Irfan as a speaker for this year’s conference:

Ayisha Irfan

Global Engagement Specialist, Airbnb


Advocate | Community Organizer | Public Policy Professional

Ayisha Irfan is a community organizer, advocate, and public policy professional who has spent the past eight years building and leading successful legislative advocacy campaigns. Over the course of her career Ayisha has developed leaders, trained advocates, and overseen the conceptualization and implementation of advocacy campaigns both inside and outside government.  Ayisha has worked on campaigns aiming to protect First Amendment freedom of speech, increase youth civic engagement, create culturally responsive classrooms, disband the school to prison pipeline, and build the tech talent pipeline in NYC.

Currently, Ayisha is working on Airbnb’s Open Homes team. The Open Homes team focuses globally on providing free temporary housing to  those leaving their homes due to conflict, natural disasters or to seek medical care.