Muppies Volunteer Opportunity: Director of DEI


Build your professional resume while helping Muppies grow by joining our global Muppies Executive Team!

Muppies is recruiting for a Director of DEI who will develop and manage initiatives that will contribute to the achievement of Muppies’ diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. The DEI director will be responsible for cultivating an inclusive environment for Muppies’ members and will be responsible for recognizing, creating, and implementing plans to promote diversity within Muppies membership and leadership.

Director of DEI
Muppies Executive Team Member, Global

Objective: Support and advance a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural humility within Muppies.


  1. Spearheads DEI projects, communications, training, and other DEI initiatives and programs
  2. Monitors progress toward our DEI vision and achievement of our DEI goals as well as the execution of strategies that map toward those goals
  3. Support membership recruitment and retention by helping create a brand that appeals to diverse applicants, removes bias is the membership recruitment process, and identifies ways to meaningfully and authentically engage members from different backgrounds with Muppies’ mission, programs, and activities
  4. Develop consistent communication and feedback mechanisms to ensure we are able to identify, discuss, and address equity issues impacting our members, volunteers, staff / contractors, and partners

Term: 1 year; can succeed themselves

Desired qualifications for this position:

    1. Knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding access, equity, diversity, inclusion, implicit bias and institutional racism; ability and experience developing and implementing strategies to identify and define complex equity and inclusion issues
    2. Knowledge and experience developing and implementing communication strategies to reach diverse audiences

Desired qualifications and experiences for all positions:

    • A sincere desire to serve the Muslim community
    • Enthusiasm for the Muppies vision and mission
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with an emphasis on diplomacy
    • Strong organization skills
    • At least 2-5 years of relevant work experience
    • Ability to work in and lead teams
    • Ability to consistently commit the designated time above for 1 year; preference for those who can commit to two years

The Executive Team
The Executive Team serves as the organization’s lead strategic and working committee. They shall participate actively in the programs and activities of Muppies as officers and committee members. Exec Team members are the lead strategist and executors of Muppies’ global activities and are also the lead resource for City Executive Committees  Click here for more info on Executive Team Group responsibilities.

The roles on the Executive Team are dynamic year-to-year and reflect the change in, growth of, and needs of the organization.

How to apply
It’s easy: Submit your Muppies Volunteer Application (designate ‘Director of DEI’).