One of the best things about being a part of a community is connecting with other members and creating meaningful connections. We created the Muppies Member Directory to increase the number of one-on-one connections by helping Muppies members find each other in an easy and personalized way.

Have you tried going into the Muppies Member Directory and searching for Muppies leaders in your field?

When you go to the directory you can actually filter the search with multiple field types (location, job title, etc) and find the people they want to connect with – easily!

Check out the gif below for a simple walk-through on how to access the member directory.

Also.. did you know that you can actually see more info on Muppies members in their profile cards?

  1. Go to the Muppies Member Directory
  2. Each square that holds a profile is a member card.
  3. Click on a members’ card
  4. You’ll see information on that member based on (some) of the information s/he included in her/his membership application form.

Try it out and see who you can connect with!

We would love to hear your thoughts and how you use the Muppies member directory. Let us know via