Thank you for being a part of the Muppies Community! To maximize the Mobilize Membership platform for all members, we ask that you note these guidelines:

  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Only post job opportunities at Every Muppies member is automatically subscribed to this thread, so there is no need to post your job/internship announcement to other threads.
  • FUNDRAISING: Due to IRS’ parameters around what 501c3 nonprofits – like Muppies – can do, Muppies members are not allowed to use Muppies’ resources (like Mobilize) as a means for fundraising for non-Muppies efforts. The only exception is if the fundraising announcement is in formal partnership with Muppies.
  • POLITICAL ACTIVITIES: Any posts around political candidates, political parties, PACs, and superPACs will jeopardize Muppies IRS-designated 501c3 nonprofit status; we ask that you do not share political-activities announcements on Mobilize.

The long-form version of our guidelines is outlined below. Whether you’re a new member or a longtime member, please review the following guidelines to help our global community make the most out of Mobilize– Muppies’ Membership platform.

Best wishes,

The Muppies Team



Please read the important FAQ and list rules below
What is Mobilize?

You can use Mobilize to share job postings/requests, ask for advice, schedule meetups with Muppies in various cities, search for details on a specific member and interact with other members across Muppies network.

All posts and replies are connected/grouped and structured so that you can have a proper conversation on a topic and not just a flow of messages. Plus, posts and comments are searchable so you can refer back to past discussions and questions!

Where do I send emails?

If your intended audience is the entire Muppies listserv and not about a job opportunity, email (Be sure to follow the rules below if you are sending an email to everyone!)

If your post is about a job opportunity, email We have geographic and topical subgroups for all other messages (see below)

What policies do I need to be aware of?

Context– All communications should be written in a way that provides more context to members who would read them— they should be inviting to read and should encourage readers to respond.

The following minimum information should be provided in the body of your message:

  • Current Location
  • Current Company
  • Current Role
  • The purpose of your request
Guidelines for posts
  1. Please keep posts professional in nature.
  2. Job Postings— Job-related posts should be directed to the Jobs group. Please do not post these in your individual city groups, as they will be removed. Note that job search related requests for non-Muppies members are not allowed.
  3. Housing Requests— Please direct your housing requests to
  4. Meetups in different cities— If you are traveling to a different city, and wish to connect with local Muppies members, feel free to post in the relevant city group (see below).
  5. Promotion of products/services— Consistent with our previous policy, one email per quarter is allowed for a member promoting his/her product.
  6. Promotion of Non-Muppies Events– E-mails about events should be limited to events that are a clear fit with the overall organizational vision for Muppies.
  7. Sharing Articles— Articles should include something that states why the article is relevant, and members should be encouraged to include comments/questions. There should be a clear reason why this article is being shared with the broader group.
  8. Startups/Business Opportunities— You should not post messages that appear to be solicitations of investments/funding as it may likely impact the organization’s 501(c)(3) status.
  9. Political activities & campaigning— You should not post messages related to political activities, campaigning, and endorsements. Such posts jeopardize Muppies’ 501(c)(3) status, and will be immediately removed.
Unapproved Content

The following types of content should not be sent out:

  • Requests for donations/fundraising (especially important for maintaining 501(c)(3) status)
  • Emails requesting capital/funds for a venture (unless relevant)
  • Messages related to political activities & campaigning. Members must not use Muppies Mobilize to promote political candidates and political parties.
  • Repeated emails for self-promotion (typically, one email per quarter is allowed for a member promoting his/her product/company/cause)
  • Requests for protected media/material (protected through copyright/membership/etc.)
  • Repeated emails (i.e. one member shares an article and a number of days later the article is shared again).
  • Anything completely devoid of the Muppies theme/mission, including posts related to dating, marriage, and matchmaking.
  • Surveys and requests for non-Muppies members

Posted content that violates these guidelines will be removed without warning. Members who repeatedly violate our policies regarding posting will be removed from the Mobilize platform.

Industry Subgroups

We have industry Mobilize subgroups that align with our memberships’ core industries:

Though these are open to anyone, we encourage those industry professionals to join their respective groups.

Do I need to log on to Mobilize to post?

Not at all! To post a message to a specific thread, you will need to join that subgroup and then send an email to:

City Mobilize Email
All Members
Bay Area


Los Angeles


Thank you for reviewing Muppies’ membership platform guidelines!