This summer, the Muppies UAE Executive Committee will undergo some changes. 

Our esteemed President Tasawar Ulhaq, Vice President Ridah Sabouni, and Membership Director, Nadia Khan have completed their 2+ year terms and decided to seek another term. Under the leadership of Tasawar and Ridah, the Muppies UAE community has grown from zero to a thriving community of over 100 active members in the UAE and the region. 

Nominations have been received for talented new leadership to join the Muppies UAE Executive Committee and lead the Muppies UAE to further growth—an announcement on our new leadership will be made soon. 

Farida Talaat, Waseem Rafdeen and Daniel Ahmed will continue to serve on the Executive Committee as Marketing Director, Community Director and Events Director respectively with an exciting schedule of events planned for the remainder of the year. 

A farewell party is planned for the trio, so stay tuned for sizzling Dubai-style pictures!