Muppies is recruiting for a Director of PR & Growth who will oversee Muppies communications, marketing, media, and digital strategies that support Muppies’ mission and goals. In partnership with the Programs/Operations Consultant, the Director of PR will oversee strategic communications activities that highlight Muppies’ mission and global activities; the Director will also oversee efforts to build and standardize Muppies brand and “voice” across platforms and stakeholders. 

The Director of PR is a key driver of membership growth and communications as it supports membership growth and fundraising efforts. S/he will actively pursue relationships with Muppies local, national, and international team members. The Director will work in partnership with the Programs/Operations Consultant to oversee the work of the Communications Consultant, Communications Specialist, and volunteer Marketing Team.

Muppies expects the Director of PR to promote the Muppies brand/program standing by actively participating in relevant networks. Muppies expects the Director to demonstrate commitment to the organization’s D&I philosophy and Community Values by role modeling these values to all team members and stakeholders.


Director of PR– Muppies Global Executive Team Member



  • Provide strategic guidance on PR, brand-building, and brand awareness
  • Approach Muppies’ communications with donor/member engagement and cultivation in mind
  • Ensure Communications activities within the Annual Operational Plan are being executed on
  • Drive membership growth through communications endeavors
  • Work in partnership with the Programming/Operations Consultant to execute on communications and membership growth projects
  • Plan and oversee website redesign
  • Manage and develop marketing budget
  • Ability to join biweekly Exec Team calls and quarterly in-person Exec Team meetings

Term: 2 years; eligible for a second term


Desired qualifications and experiences:

  • A sincere desire to serve the Muslim community
  • Enthusiasm for the Muppies vision and mission
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with an emphasis on diplomacy
  • Strong organization skills
  • At least 2-5 years of relevant experience; preference for those who demonstrate experience with nonprofit / membership organizations
  • Ability to work in and lead teams
  • Ability to consistently commit the designated time above for 2 years; preference for those who can commit to three years

The Executive Team 

The Executive Team serves as the organization’s lead strategic and working committee. They shall participate actively in the programs and activities of Muppies as officers and committee members. Exec Team members are the lead strategist and executors of Muppies’ global activities and are also the lead resource for City Executive Committees. Click here for more info on Executive Team Group responsibilities


The roles on the Executive Team are dynamic year-to-year and reflect the change in, growth of, and needs of the organization. 


How to apply: Submit your Muppies Volunteer Application (designate ‘Director of PR’).


Deadline: Monday, September 16,2019 at 5pm ET