Muppies provides professional and leadership development opportunities to its Muslim Urban Professionals members. Our membership represents 8 diverse industries (consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, law, social enterprise/public sector, technology and product management, healthcare) and our members have varying level of experience: from college juniors to c-suite executives.

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Summer Internship Program

Since 2013, Muppies’ Summer Internship Program has helped connect students with professionals across the United States and abroad. Every year we host events to welcome Muslim undergraduate interns to major cities across the U.S.[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”0″]

Muppies Investment Banking Program

This program prepares college juniors for the investment banking internship recruiting process by connecting qualified students with mentors working at top tier investment banks. The program is held annually in the Fall and applications go live at the end of August.[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”0″]

Muppies Consulting Program

This program provides high-potential college seniors with a series of webinars related to the consulting recruiting process as well as dedicated mentors at top-tier consulting firms. The program is held annually in the Fall and applications go live at the end of August.[/kleo_list_item][/kleo_list][kleo_list][kleo_list_item icon=”0″]

Global Mentorship Program

In 2019, Muppies will launch its Global Mentorship Pilot Program, which matches mentors and mentees across 8 industries: consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, industry general management, law, social enterprise/public sector, technology, and product management. Muppies has spent the last 10 years building informal opportunities to build bonds and relationships amongst its membership of young and mid-career professionals, and this initiative is meant to create a formal professional development programming these relationships.[/kleo_list_item][kleo_list_item icon=”0″]

Webinar Series

The Muppies Webinar Series showcases the talent and expertise within Muppies’ global network. In this series, speakers share industry best practices and soft skills exclusively to Muppies members through Zoom.[/kleo_list_item][/kleo_list][kleo_list][kleo_list_item icon=”0″]

Annual Leadership Conference

The world’s largest Muslim Leadership Development Conference. Speakers for our annual conference are highly-respected in various fields including: technology, branding and marketing, media, philanthropy, and international business and represent prestigious companies and high-levels of government including Google, PayPal, National Football League, American Civil Liberties Union, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.[/kleo_list_item][/kleo_list]