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The Premier Network for Muslim Professionals.


Since 2006, Muppies members have strived to empower and advance Muslim professionals in their careers and communities. Muppies envisions a global community of professionals that supports the advancement of Muslim leaders in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Muppies offers Muslim professionals –in leadership tracks in business, entrepreneurship, government, and nonprofit– professional development opportunities, networking opportunities, and in-person and online support. The Muppies network is made up of Muslims on similar paths who offer practical advice for others to make the most of their careers because, while strong skills and hard work are key determinants of career advancement, networking and mentorship are key stepping stones.

This invaluable support network provides career advice, job-search support, and professional insight. Muppies offers:

Access to selective job opportunities

A global listserv and member database

Exclusive admissions resources to selective schools

A global network of talented and enthusiastic professionals

Opportunities to mentor college students

Career development webinars and professional events around the globe

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Muppies is driven by our members’ vision to lift one another up so that the Muslim professional community can advance together.
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Over the past fifteen years, Muppies has grown from an organic listserv to a premier, global, professional membership association. Muppies has scaled to a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 2,900 members in 33 countries and 11 active local city committees across the globe. Over the years, Muppies has added admissions counseling, mentorship programs, and professional development activities to our programming to better serve our growing number of constituents.

City Leaders have mentored college students, initiated a variety of community service projects, and have hosted countless networking and leadership development opportunities for Muppies members and members of their local communities.


Muppies is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and advancing Muslim professionals to be leaders in their careers and communities.


We envision a global community of professionals that supports the advancement of Muslim leaders in private, public, and nonprofit sectors.


At both the local and global levels, Muppies hosts a variety of activities to foster a strong professional network – regardless of physical or geographical boundaries. At the local level, City Committees organize speaker series, panels, workshops, and networking events. At the global level, Muppies hosts an Annual Conference, Leadership Summit for volunteer leaders, webinars, and much more. 


Muppies provides professional and leadership development opportunities to its Muslim Urban Professionals members. Our membership represents 8 diverse industries including consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, industry general management, law, social enterprise/public sector, technology, and product management. Additionally, members have varying levels of experience: from college juniors to c-suite executives.

Muppies serves members through exclusive learning and networking opportunities. These opportunities are open to all Muppies members regardless of age, race, or geographic region. Additionally, Muppies hosts public learning and networking events, as well as service project opportunities— which are open to all, including people of other faiths and the general public.