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A strong sense of community is essential to one’s well-being.

Our desire is to live in a society that understands, respects, and includes Muslims in mainstream culture by aiding in efforts that improve the representation and inclusion of Muslims.

Muppies tackles this challenge through the avenues we know best: business and community service.

By investing in the Muslim leaders of today and tomorrow, we encourage Muslim professionals to lead by example and break down the barriers that prevent a compassionate, inclusive society.


Muppies Annual Conference (MAC)

Perhaps give information about the upcoming conference in NYC and previous conferences (Toronto, LA, Chicago, NYC) and say something like:

“Come to make friends, build your professional network, and have a great time”

We do currently have a MAC2020 page (hidden) with links to past conferences. I recommend we make this page permanently visible and easily accessible


Muppies Webinar Series

Held regularly throughout the year, the Muppies Webinar Series showcases the talent and expertise within Muppies’ global network. In this series, speakers share industry best practices and soft skills exclusively to Muppies members through Zoom.


Muppies Leadership Summit

Held annually during the spring, the Muppies Leadership Summit (MLS) is an annual meeting of local and global executive leaders. Each MLS has in-person leadership development talks, strategic planning breakout sessions, roundtables, and social opportunities that allow team members from across the globe to network with one another in person.

Muppies for Young Professionals

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